Traditional Braces Can Help Correct Misaligned Teeth

An unaddressed underbite, overbite or overcrowding issue with your teeth can do more than leave you with an unattractive smile. Over time the unhealthy relationship between multiple teeth in your dentition can lead to increased risk of dental fractures and other chronic problems like dental attrition. Fortunately, our dentist can often correct misaligned teeth by installing traditional braces. The simple... read more »

Don’t Let a Loose Spacer Alarm You

The orthodontic braces Dr. David S. Wilbanks installed in your mouth use a variety of orthodontic hardware components. This includes metal brackets, wires, bands, and spacers that create a dynamic system for gradually correcting the alignment, position, and orientation of your teeth. This is done through a series of regularly timed adjustment sessions. Each will tighten your braces to affect... read more »

Your Orthodontic Adjustments Are Very Important for Realigning Teeth with Braces

Your new orthodontic braces create a highly effective system for gradually correcting the alignment of your teeth. Once completed it will give you a more attractive smile and a mouth less prone to dental attrition and dental fractures. Once our dentist, Dr. David S. Wilbanks has installed the various hardware components in your mouth, you will still need to return... read more »