Dental Malocclusions that May Require Orthodontic Treatment

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Addressing the alignment of your teeth is an important part of caring for your smile and maintaining proper oral health. If you are experiencing alignment issues in your teeth or jaws or both, you could have an increased risk of developing other oral health issues and have a smile that doesn’t feel attractive. A malocclusion is an unfortunate oral development that results in tooth alignment issues and a bad bite and typically requires orthodontic treatment.

The incisors are the teeth that are involved in most tooth alignment issues, and they can be found in the front of your smile. When these teeth erupt, they often rotate or easily stick out and can cause you to develop common malocclusions such as misplaced midlines, an open bite, deep bite, underbite (bulldog teeth) and overbite (buck teeth).

You could also experience a crossbite, which causes the lower jaw to protrude further than the upper jaw and cause your teeth to come together improperly. Additional complications you can experience include teeth that are improperly rotated or spaced and result in irregularities with your teeth and jaws that affect the health and quality of your smile.

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