If you are interested in receiving clear braces, In-Ovation® clear braces are a fantastic choice! These incredible braces use self-litigating technology, which is comprised of a clip that holds the arch wire in place, as opposed to traditional rubber bands. Using rubber bands with braces can result in stained teeth, and the bands need to be replaced on a regular basis. The self-ligating clips of Innovation, however, are designed for quick and convenient wire adjustments. This makes your overall treatment more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the benefits that In-Ovation provides include:

  • Aesthetics – Since In-Ovation clear braces are made of durable ceramic materials, they blend naturally with your teeth.
  • Comfort – Each bracket has sculpted, round edges, creating a low profile and a smoother surface against your cheeks and lips.
  • Efficiency – Thanks to the self-ligating clips in lieu of rubber bands, adjustments are much quicker and easier.

Wilbanks Orthodontics is committed to giving patients of all ages a healthy, beautiful smile in the most convenient way possible. With In-Ovation, you can spend less time at our office and more time enjoying life! We encourage you to contact us at 915-581-5021 to learn more about In-Ovation braces in El Paso, Texas, and to request a consultation with our caring orthodontist, Dr. David S. Wilbanks.