Braces at a Young Age

Getting braces at a younger age has proved most effective in preventing dental problems in the future. Permanent teeth start to typically come in about the ages of six to eight, and because the bones are still growing, it’s best to evaluate their tooth alignment at a young age to... Read more »

Dental Malocclusions that May Require Orthodontic Treatment

Addressing the alignment of your teeth is an important part of caring for your smile and maintaining proper oral health. If you are experiencing alignment issues in your teeth or jaws or both, you could have an increased risk of developing other oral health issues and have a smile that... Read more »

Traditional Braces Can Help Correct Misaligned Teeth

An unaddressed underbite, overbite or overcrowding issue with your teeth can do more than leave you with an unattractive smile. Over time the unhealthy relationship between multiple teeth in your dentition can lead to increased risk of dental fractures and other chronic problems like dental attrition. Fortunately, our dentist can... Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment Requires a Successful Diet Plan

Receiving braces can bring about many changes in your daily habits, including your meal plan and how you eat food. We are pleased to help you have successful orthodontic treatment with the tips to protect your braces from damage when eating food: - Avoid chewing with your front teeth, as... Read more »

Your Hawley Retainer Needs Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Each of your braces adjustment sessions with our orthodontist served an important role in correcting your misaligned teeth. The progressive tension applied to the components helped to stretch and alter the periodontal connective tissues that are responsible for anchoring your teeth in place.   Once your teeth have achieved their... Read more »

Teeth With Braces Need Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Traditional braces are often used by an orthodontist like Dr. David S. Wilbanks to gradually correct misaligned teeth. This requires consistently timed adjustment appointments to tight the braces components and alter the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums. Preventing tooth decay and maintaining healthy gums is... Read more »

Braces Can Help Prevent Dental Complications

Uncorrected alignment issues with your teeth can sometimes do more than leave you with an awkward smile. In time, misaligned teeth or the improper relationship between two or more teeth can cause excess wear and tear on the tooth enamel. As this problem progresses, you could also be at an... Read more »

How Can Braces Help Me?

If you’re curious to know how braces can help you, your teeth, and your smile, then our orthodontist, Dr. David S. Wilbanks, is more than happy to help you. Braces are handy appliances that are made of metal brackets and wires. They use pressure to shift the teeth into their... Read more »

Start With The Smile In The Mirror

Do you want to see a straighter smile when you look in the mirror but are worried you’ve missed your chance? Don’t fret! The reality is, you can get a straighter, healthier, better-looking smile at any age! Orthodontic care is not limited to pediatrics. As far as keeping up a... Read more »

Things to Know About Malocclusion & Orthodontics

Very few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Because of this, many individuals can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment at any age, but we recommend that patients come in for their initial exam as early as age seven. When you or your child come... Read more »