Orthodontic Treatment Requires a Successful Diet Plan

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Receiving braces can bring about many changes in your daily habits, including your meal plan and how you eat food. We are pleased to help you have successful orthodontic treatment with the tips to protect your braces from damage when eating food:

– Avoid chewing with your front teeth, as they may be sensitive if you just received braces or had your appliance tightened. To avoid discomfort when chewing, use the sides of your mouth to chomp food.

– Limit your intake of stringy foods, as your brackets and wires can snag the strings and make cleaning your smile difficult. To save yourself the trouble, look for foods that don’t have a stringy texture.

– Give your teeth a break by eating soft foods that don’t need to be chewed. This can be very helpful if you just had braces placed or adjusted and are experiencing some soreness.

– Eat cold foods if your gums have discomfort. There is a common worry that braces bring about heightened tooth sensitivity that make hot and cold foods uncomfortable, but cold treats like ice cream can actually help the teeth and gums feel much better.

While braces may seem complex at first, you can find support from our team at Wilbanks Orthodontics to help you have comfortable and successful orthodontic treatment. If you have any questions for our dentist, Dr. David S. Wilbanks, about orthodontics in El Paso, Texas, we invite you to contact our office at 915-581-5021.